Friday, December 5, 2008

DEAR OPPONENTS OF AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS,We have to keep the faxes and phone calls going into Senate offices this week if we are to stop the Senate leaders' plans to push an amnesty when the new Congress opens early next year.Thanks to all of you who, the day before Thanksgiving, pounded Senate offices with your phone calls of outrage about what Senate Majority Leader Reid said about his plans to move an Obama-McCain amnesty through the Senate by spring!And thanks to those of you who, over the Thanksgiving holiday, sent tens of thousands of protest faxes to your Senators... but the phone calls must continue today and throughout the week.Sen. Reid told reporters that he expects a minimum fight against passing an amnesty for the 12-20 million illegal aliens. Don't let that happen.If we don't prove Sen. Reid wrong immediately (that is, that there will be a huge, noisy, bruising fight), Senators may start to believe that it now is safe to plan to bring the amnesty to a vote. The Washington Post just had an article stating that it is a foregone conclusion that the DREAM Act amnesty will pass early in the year!These amnesties are not inevitable... but you have to send those faxes and make that phone call!
easy talking points and all the phone numbers:
Here are direct links to phone notes to:Your Democratic Senator(s) Republican Senator(s) Reid, if he is your Senator McCain, if he is your Senator always, you can also reach all the Senators' Washington D.C. offices through the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121. (We are not putting up phone notes or faxes for Senators who are retiring, or who were defeated in the elections.)If you live in a small state, we especially need you to make a call because those offices just don't get that many calls.You are likely to hear that there is no such bill before the Senate, and that they have heard nothing about it. But you MUST make it clear that the LEADER of the Senate has stated that there WILL be an amnesty bill in the spring and that it WILL pass with little opposition.Demand to know if your Senator will oppose the Comprehensive Amnesty bill that Reid says Obama and McCain have agreed to push. Let us know what you are told!
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The BIG LIE......The government has been lying to you......again.They keep saying there are only 12 million illegal immigrants in our United States.FACT: In the last 22 years, over 26 million illegals, have been apprehended, after crossing the border into our United States.
THE PROBLEM IS: Less than 1 out of 4 of the invading illegals, are estimated to have been apprehended. According to the U.S. Immigration Service, another 6 million illegals in our country are visa overstays. There are, AT LEAST, 40 million illegal immigrants in our United States..........there are 8.7 million illegals working at on-the-books jobs that they used forged, and/or stolen, identities, to illegally obtain.
There are at least that many more illegals working under-the-table, for unscrupulous employers, as part of the tax fraud laden underground economy.There are over 5 million illegal immigrant students overcrowding our schools, all at American taxpayer expense.Illegal immigrants cost American taxpayers over 300 billion dollars a year.The Bush administration in its final weeks will revive a stalled crackdown on U.S. companies that hire illegal immigrants, issuing a new regulation and asking a federal judge to lift a ban on the measure, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced yesterday. If the court agrees, the government could begin mailing notices to 140,000 employers regarding suspect Social Security numbers used by an estimated 8.7 million workers, pressuring businesses to either resolve discrepancies or fire workers within 90 days. moreheadlines E-VERIFY MUST BE MANDATED, FOR ALL EMPLOYEES, AND FOR ALL EMPLOYERS!!! UNEMPLOYED AMERICAN WORKERS NEED THOSE JOBS!!!

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